The Portland Lutheran School Mission

For 110 years, Portland Lutheran School’s mission has been to prepare students academically, socially and spiritually for a rich, purposeful life through Christ. The support of student families, patrons and alumni is critical to bridging the budget gap as Portland Lutheran School pursues its mission in faith, values and achievement.

All Funds Support the Blue Jay Fund For Students.

The Blue Jay Fund is critical to Portland Lutheran School’s ability to make quality Christian education affordable for families. Your gift will directly support PLS students by providing student financial aid assistance, a top school priority and mission.

Creating Leaders One Student At A Time

By choosing to invest in the lives of PLS students and families, your gift will have a significant impact on our world. PLS provides a rigorous academic experience for   students and strives to incorporate service-oriented opportunities into all areas of learning, which provides a platform for our students to immediately make a difference. They learn to use critical thinking skills and make ethical decisions in the context of a Lutheran Christian education. PLS students not only transform the world of the future, but they are actively improving their communities today.

PLS students contributed more than 7,500 community service hours to high-quality, community-based, service-learning opportunities. Students met real needs for individuals and the community. As young people, they brought new energy, capacity, and creative ideas to the world around them. By supporting a PLS student, you are also helping to transform society and helping to create the next generation of Christian leaders.

More Than 50% of PLS Students Receive Some Type Financial Assistance

our thoughtful and generous support makes the dream of attending a private Christian school.

All amounts are welcome and can be set up for automatic monthly payments to continue to help Portland Lutheran Students.

Non-profit Tax ID # 23-7379-756

All funds received go toward the PLS Blue Jay Fund that supports students from the local community.   Contributions are 100% tax-deductible.

Other Ways To Give—Thrivent Choice Dollars

Portland Lutheran School supporters have directed matching funds toward PLS through Thrivent Choice Dollars. If you own a Thrivent product, you have received a letter from them describing the program and the amount of funds you can direct to qualified charities. Please consider Portland Lutheran School as one of your choices. You may contact Thrivent regarding this program by phone at 1-800-847-4836 or on their


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Mission Around the Corner— Partnering To Open Doors For Young Leaders In Our Communities

There is great need in the immediate community surrounding Portland Lutheran School. Inquiries from local families about their children attending PLS are significantly on the rise. Sometimes these families are able to find a sponsor or obtain a scholarship from a third party but, often a PLS education is unattainable simply due to financial constraints.

Mission Around The Corner is a brand new community outreach program at PLS that strives to close the achievement gap of the under-served students in the community by bringing them together with PLS to collaborate in the classroom, in the gym, and on the field as Blue Jays.